Just as our project strives to bring knowledge, hope, and empowerment to the women of Sega, this podcast features conversations that shed light on various women’s health topics, including gender-based violence, menstrual health, and other issues of concern affecting women and girls in Kenya. With every monthly episode, we hope to share knowledge and perspectives that mobilize and inspire changemakers from all communities. This podcast was created and is currently produced by our two dedicated interns Izzy and Radha. If you're interested in being a guest on our show, please e-mail izzy@wilsoncentersega.org and radha@wilsoncentersega.org

Izzy Barba 

Izzy is an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley double-majoring in Psychology and Sociology. She is interested in child development, education, and women’s studies. When not studying or learning in the classroom, she enjoys reading, going to concerts, being outdoors, and doing anything creative. 

Radha Vinayak

Radha is a student in Washington D.C. pursuing a B.S. in Public Health on the pre-medical track. She is passionate about women's health and development, and has served the community as a nationally registered EMT for a year and a half. In her free time, she likes listening to and making music, crocheting, and reading.  

In our first Sunlit Conversation, Juani intern Stacy Wanjohi speaks with our guest Maureen Onyango about the impact of polygamous marriages on women and children in Kenya. Maureen shares with us some of her experiences within a culture where polygamy is a common practice and explains how it influences gender roles within the family. Overall, she hopes to shed light on how marital relationships in Kenya situate an unequal power dynamic between men and women, and that there is a need to empower young women in such situations.

Maureen is the Chairperson of Juani, our Community Based Organization registered with the Directorate of Social Development in Siaya County, Kenya. Membership is open to those living in the towns and villages that we serve. Our CBO currently meets quarterly to receive health education and plan for the opening of our clinic. To join us, e-mail maureen@juani.org

Our guest, Sharon Kasiti, discusses the state of maternal health and healthcare in Kenya. Sharon, who is currently a nurse in Nairobi, shares with us the existing barriers to accessing maternal healthcare, but also the developments being made to improve it with telemedicine platforms such as Malaica (www.malaica.com). Additionally, she emphasizes the importance of community-level support in improving maternal health outcomes.